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Through years of working with businesses, one of the areas that comes up a lot is “credit card processing”. We have found that there is no “cookie cutter” approach to processing that works for every industry. That is why we have partnered with a reputable firm that works with several companies/processors to provide the lowest possible rate for almost any business. We take the “shopping” out for you and can give you a line by line analysis and comparison with your current vendor and the savings we can provide. We show you all fees upfront and explain to you why your current “effective” rate may not be what you think it is. We also have a tremendous “CASH DISCOUNT” program where you pay no transaction fees! Imagine doing all your card processing for around $40 per month! ASK US HOW!

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Merchant Services

Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Animation
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Bring your business to life with video! Whether you need a simple company overview, detailed commercial, intro for a presentation, or a short film – we have the solution for you! We offer photo montages, live video and editing, and custom whiteboard animations for any budget that will tell your story.

  • Photo Montages – minimum 30 seconds, optional text overlay, music background, voice over – Starting at $150
  • Live Video – interview style, virtual tour, product demos, etc. Starting at $300
  • Whiteboard Animation – minimum 30 seconds, voice over and text, starting at $200

Direct Mail Campaigns

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Yes, believe the hype, a social media presence is extremely important for your business. However, the strategies and platforms and amount of content will vary greatly depending on your industry, target market, location, and other factors. If you either don’t have the time to invest in this or don’t know the differences in the platforms, then let us help. Just because you don’t use social media doesn’t mean your customers don’t! Let us take the load off of you and engage your customers.

Tradeshow Packages

Packages start as low as $50 per month.

  • Business Card Design Charlotte
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  • Tradeshow Packages

Business Card Design Charlotte

  • Websites For All Budgets And Needs
  • Starting As Low As $50 Per Month

Premier Choice Magazine can help you map out and develop your website. We specialize in graphics and marketing and can help take your business to the next level. The importance of a good website is paramount in the ever-growing digital age. Everyone has a computer or mobile phone, and if you don’t have a captivating website for your business, you run the risk of losing consumers to other businesses who put priority in their online marketing.

Let us help you with your web development ideas. We can redevelop your current website or build it completely new. We have proven ourselves successful time and time again. Give us a call for a custom quote and to start your new website development project. You won’t believe the results you will see with a new website.

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